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  • Collect all revenues for the County.
  • Bill and collect all real estate and personal taxes for the County.
  • Register all motor vehicles with tax situs in the County.
  • Issue temporary drivers licenses.
  • Disburse collections to the proper political subdivisions.
  • Boat Registration.
  • Snowmobile Registration.
  • All vehicle titles.

Important Dates

  • Feb 1
    • Previous year delinquent taxes are advertised.
  • 1st Monday in March
    • Public Tax Sale
  • May 1
    • 1st Half Taxes become delinquent
  • September 1
    • 2nd Half Taxes become delinquent

Mona Davis


Lacey Friedrich

Deputy Treasurer

PO Box 367

Bassett, NE 68714

Phone: (402)684-3515

Fax: (402)684-2741

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