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Local Information

  • Land Area:1,009 square miles
  • Population (2019):1,414
  • County Seat: Bassett
  • Towns and Population (2019): Bassett- 728; Newport- 64
  • Public School Districts: Bassett Grade School, Bassett; Rock County High School, Bassett
  • Named After: Rock River, which flows through the county and for the rock condition of the soil


Built in 1889 in Bassett

Funding: $5,000 Bond

The first Rock County Court House was a frame structure. A fire from a gas stove destroyed the court house.

Built in 1897 in Bassett

Funding: $3,927 Insurance Payment

The second courthouse was built on the old foundation adhering closely to the plans for the original building.

Built in 1940 in Bassett

Funding: $17,000 Bond & $33,000 federal Public Works Administration grant

The existing courthouse was built directly West of the existing one facing West.

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